Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Discovering the Effects of Coffee...

I have never been much of a coffee drinker. Back in the day I used to enjoy a "vanilla coffee cooler" from Caribou, but I preferred the smell of coffee to the actual taste. On the very rare occasion that I would decide to have a cup, I'd only fill my mug half full and loads of cream and sugar were required to make it taste 'better'. Even then I'd only manage to drink just a few sips, before dumping it out. I should mention that I try to avoid caffeinated beverages because they flow right through me, if you know what I mean, and every hour afterwards (for several hours) it's as if I've taken down a gallon of water. The only two things I drink on a regular basis are water and milk (I've never been a big juice/soda-pop/coffee/tea/etc drinker). Caffeine never had the "pick-me-up" effect that it did for most others. If I had a Barq's Root Beer (or other caffeinated soda-pop) as a special treat at night, it didn't keep me awake-it was bedtime as usual. But, this can change. 

My hubby is another story. He brews coffee nearly every morning. If he doesn't, it usually means he woke up late and didn't have time, so he'll grab a cup when he gets to work. If, for some other reason, he doesn't have coffee in the morning then he'll brew up a pot in the afternoon for a little energy boost (or sometimes he'll do this, even if he DID have his morning coffee).

I don't remember what the case was on Sunday, but shortly before dinner he was grinding coffee beans and brewing up a pot of coffee. It smelled so good that I decided to go ahead and have a cup. With creamer. I skipped adding sugar because the creamer seemed to sweeten it up a bit. I emptied the cup. And not into the sink, into my belly.

Wow! The things I got done that night! I was cleaning the kitchen, taking care of paperwork, sorting receipts in preparation for doing my business taxes, paying bills, etc, etc, etc. I was finally in bed at for a half hour, then went to sleep (luckily Monday was an off day for my every-other-day daycare family!). My normal night after I/we put the kids to bed is to throw some laundry in the wash, read/watch Netflix while I wait to put the laundry in the dryer, maybe read up on some blogs/putz on Facebook, have a snack, occasionally play a game of cards with my hubby, then go to bed. To sum all that up, I'm exhausted and have a lack of motivation.

Monday night (no coffee) I managed to fold one basket of laundry, wrap a couple gifts, and read a few pages of my book before falling asleep.

Tonight (I'm still running off of Tuesday) I did it again. Knowing that I don't have daycare kiddos coming Wednesday morning (ok, I guess it is already technically "Wednesday", but I'll 'speak' as if it's still Tuesday) I decided to have a large cup of coffee. Ok, ok, I'll admit - I may have even asked my hubby to brew up a pot...after asking if he would like a cup of coffee. It didn't taste quite as sweet with the creamer tonight, so I added sugar. And I drank.the.whole.cup.

Oh, the things I got done tonight! I finished wrapping gifts, except the one thing I had left to make, but don't worry - I completed that sewing project from start to finish tonight, and got that wrapped too! I also uploaded pictures from my camera, and finally blogged about a recipe for Vatkattu Suklaa Puuro that I created over a month ago, which I've been meaning to blog about!

Now it's 1:30 in the morning. I'm on my second blog post. I'm hungry so I'm going to eat a bowl of cereal (I hate going to bed with a hungry tummy). Then I'll floss and brush my teeth. Then I'll go to bed.

I'm crazy. NO MORE COFFEE for me for a LONG time. Luckily I am all done making Christmas gifts so I won't need any more late nights to get those done (thank you 'advance planning' for helping to mostly conquer my usual procrastination when making Christmas gifts, and thank you coffee for pushing me to get that last little gift done tonight instead of Friday night!).

Stay tuned for a post about my love of making Christmas gifts for the kiddos in my life, and also PART 2 of "A Life Worth Living" (Click here to read A Life Worth Living - PART 1: A Reflection).

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  1. Hahahaha.
    I'm a tea drinker myself.

    Also, I tagged you in my most recent post!