Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Early Evening Snack

The kids and I had an early evening snack...which ended up being dinner because the kids weren't hungry even up until bedtime. So simple, yet it was the best Wednesday dinner we've had in a long while. Wednesday is my hubby's late night at work, so it's just the kids and I. Usually dinner gets hectic, then it's the bedtime routine, and then I'm spent. But not tonight.

Air-popped popcorn and homemade smoothies (yogurt/milk/splash of 100% juice/ice/fruit). Banana for my little girl, and pineapple-strawberry-banana for my little guy and I. I filled my little guy's 16 oz cup half-way full...twice! No wonder he wasn't hungry for a 'real' dinner! The three of us sat at the kitchen table, eating popcorn, sipping smoothies, laughing, and enjoying our time together.

The best part was afterwards when he got the shivers. Ok, so maybe that's not the best thing, but it usually happens after he drinks an ice-cold smoothie. The best part of the shivers was grabbing his hoodie and putting it on, hood and all, and then pulling him up into my lap for a little snuggle time. Eventually he warmed up and wanted to get down to play, but not before a few tickles to his tummy. I wish I could 'bottle' his laugh and take it out whenever I am stressed or feeling blue.

It was a really great day. My daycare family is on break until April. I didn't worry about the house much. The kids and I spent a lot of time playing, coloring, eating, etc... There was no arguing or fighting or whining. It felt good to just relax and have no worries...

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