Thursday, March 31, 2011

Downtown With the Kiddos

Yesterday my kids and I went 'downtown' to run some errands. Not 'downtown' in the big city, just 'downtown' in our little city of about 5,200 people. I am not a city girl at all, and I love living in a little city, with an old downtown. It is the perfect place to take the kids when we just need to get out and move a bit, when the yard is soggy and the park is muddy.

One of our favorite places to go is the meat market. The kids love to put their faces up to the glass and ask about all the yummy things they see. Our other favorite place from April to October is the Farmer's Market. It's not huge, but you can find honey, eggs, jams/jellies, veggies, breads/baked items, activities for the kids, grilled foods, musicians, etc... I LOVE it!  The market only runs on Saturdays, and my hubby works every Saturday, so it's just me and the kiddos. I can't wait to go this year; we can ditch the stroller now that my little guy is a year older!

So...yesterday we were walking around downtown and a couple people, seeing my kids, asked "are they twins?" It's a pretty common question that I get almost everywhere I go. They are 14 months apart, but size-wise there is not much difference. We walked to City Hall to check out the Library Link Site, and as we were leaving with books in hand, the kids were stopping to look at old pictures and such. I noticed the ladies that work the reception desk were kind of watching us. I should mention that these ladies are great - they have always been very helpful when I've had to do business down at City Hall. Turns out they were trying to figure out which one of my kids was the older one. One of the ladies asked "is she the older one?" I smiled and said that she was. I thought it was cute. They really love when the little kids come in, especially when they are having fun exploring City Hall.

I remember when it used to be such a big deal to take both kids out and about by myself. Both of my kids were late walkers (17 months, and 16 months) so it wasn't as easy as getting everyone out of the car and walking into the store. It was trying to find a spot next to a cart corral so I could grab a cart and get the kids loaded up, and hope that they wouldn't want to get out. Now, we unbuckle, hop out, each one takes one of my hands, and off we go!

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