Friday, April 1, 2011

Finnish Friday

This week will feature a 'recipe' that became one of my favorites when I was in Finland last summer. It's very simple...yet SO YUMMY!

There's not really a name for these, but I'll call them bacon-wrapped-cream cheese stuffed-mushrooms. In Finland, my friend used cream cheese w/chives, but I modified it just a bit. I haven't listed measurements, so use as much as you'd like to create the flavor you prefer.

Large Mushrooms
Cream Cheese, softened

Fire up the grill so it's hot and ready.

Chop the chives and garlic; mix with the cream cheese.

Clean the mushrooms, then pop the stems off.

Fill with the cream cheese mixture.

Wrap bacon around the mushrooms. 2 pieces for the really large mushrooms, 1 if they are a bit smaller.

Stick with a toothpick to hold the bacon on while grilling.



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