Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mailbox Monday: Week 2

(Monday was a holiday, with no mail service, so I'm posting a day 'late'.)

Today I placed an envelope in the mail for R&V. I met R&V 8 years ago. They have been family ever since. I have many stories I could write about, but I'll keep it to the most recent, for now. :-)

BBQ. Grilling. Yum. R&V make a fantastic team when it comes to the grill. I believe V most often preps/seasons/marinates the meat and veggies, and R does the grilling.

Yesterday we got together with my hubby's side of the family to celebrate Independence Day. It was a fun day; visiting with family, water fun with the kids, and, of course, yummy food. R&V grilled up some delicious items and we also enjoyed layered salad, corn on the cob, apple crisp, various treats, etc.  The main course was beef, chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, onions and peppers.

Here's the amazing part (dad, you will be proud!). I have tried shrimp many times, mainly at restaurants (cooked many different ways...and off from someone else's plate) and at the holidays when there is a cold shrimp platter around. I have never liked shrimp. For some reason I've kept trying it in hopes that I would eventually like it.

I tried it again yesterday. And. I. Liked. It!

I'm quite certain it is the way it was seasoned and grilled. It didn't have that shrimpy/fishy taste like it normally does (or like it seems to have to my taste buds). I even took some leftovers home to eat later that night. The beef, chicken, and mushrooms were also delicious, but I still can't believe I liked the shrimp!

My dad LOVES shrimp. He orders it when ever/where ever he goes out to eat, I think him and my mom have it every so often, and it is a staple at the holidays. I wish he could have been at R&V's to see me enjoying it as well...oh - and to enjoy some shrimp himself!

I wish I would've taken a picture of my plate to share here, but I thought about it too late...so there was no evidence remaining.

I promise my letter to them doesn't just compliment the shrimp they served!

Thank you R&V for being such a big part of our lives!


It is past my bedtime now, so I will wrap this up.

Watch out for a new Finnish Friday posting this week!


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