Monday, June 27, 2011

Mailbox Monday: Week 1

I met "D" many years ago after she started working at the Tech College, where I also worked. She was in Marketing, I was in Information Technology.

I remember at work or when we were out and about having people ask if we were sisters. :-)

She took me on my "first" bike ride (I had been on a Honda Goldwing a couple times before, but a sportbike is a very different experience!). I think we ended up riding through Lino Lakes a bit, and I guess I'm not really sure where else we went. I know we went through the country - and it was great! We rode so fast and while beforehand I thought I might be nervous, I wasn't. By the time our ride ended, I was hooked.

At the time I was living in an apartment with "T". When we came in after the ride, she teased that I was going to go out and buy a bike. I guess she was right because within a month or two I had completed my Motorcycle Safety Training, tested (and passed!) my endorsement test a.k.a. motorcycle license, AND bought a motorcycle.

"D" also played a big part in my current life...she introduced me to my husband! They had met at an open house for a local bike shop - before I met "D" I believe(?). They became friends and hung out here and there. As our friendship grew she thought that "S" and I should meet. The first attempt didn't work out on his end (I believe he had a work party) but eventually we did meet (that story is for another post).

I was honored to have "D" by my side as I married "S". And I was honored to be a part of her special day a year later, as she married "J".

We've drifted apart over the last few years; moving far away from everyone, and having a couple kids can have that effect, but deep down our friendship is there waiting to reconnect. Now that the kids are getting a bit older (4 and almost 3) things seem to be getting easier, and I am finally (but slowly) learning how to live again.  :-)

Thank you "D" for your friendship and being a part of my life!

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