Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I don't want a pickle...I just want to ride my motorsickle.

I spent Saturday afternoon with the kids, at my in-laws house. My hubby was done with work early so he came over and a while later I ran to Costco for milk and frozen berries. I ended up picking up a take-n-bake pizza to share for dinner, before taking the kids home. The kids wanted to ride home with daddy, so we left for home, a silent car for me, and a car full of conversation for him. Halfway home I got the urge to ride my motorcycle. Out of nowhere. I called my hubby to see if he thought there would be time for a quick ride when we got home (it was nearly 8:30pm). He said there would be.

Not more than 5 or 10 minutes after arriving home, my bike was running and ready to go. The kids got to stay up a bit late to see me off :-)  My son LOVES motorcycles, so I think it was exciting for him to see momma heading out for a ride. Would I remember how to ride? It's just like riding a bike. Once I hopped on, I was back on track.

Since I became pregnant with my daughter (in August, 2006) I've only ridden a couple times, maybe a few (literally 2 or 3 times). In 5 years. Sad. After a difficult delivery with my daughter, the seasons had changed by the time my body was healed enough to ride, and by then I was pregnant with my son, and the cycle continued. Then the crazy life of working full time, long commute, 2 young children, hubby with a varying work schedule, leaving my job to start my own business, etc... Excuses, excuses.

I used to love riding. I still do, but as you'll read in an upcoming post, I am trying to work things out for myself, and I think returning to my motorcycle is one way of doing this. Just one of many things.

I rode about 20 miles (32km) on Saturday. It. Was. Great! I love that I can ride down the road and take one turn to enter the countryside. Riding in a car can not compare at all to riding on the open road on a motorcycle. The fresh, cool air whooshed through my helmet...there is nothing I love more than the smell of fresh country air. I could see all that was around me; I felt free. Following the country curves was relaxing, and if not for the darkness - I would have ridden a hundred miles. I said 'hi' to a few deer in a field as I rode by, but knew they'd be out in full force in a short while, so I wrapped up my trip.

I was so thankful to take a spur-of-the-moment ride (and let my hubby put the kids to bed!) and look forward to the next one. Although, I'll plan to leave earlier so I will have more time to explore and enjoy nature before darkness falls. I found the spot where I'll try to capture the sunset, so that may be the goal of my next ride :-)

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  1. Cute post! I'm glad you got a ride in.