Sunday, April 29, 2012

Change Has to Start TODAY

I woke up this morning with ANOTHER cold. Although I’m certain I’ve had an ongoing cold since before Christmas. It just gets a bit weak, and the kicks back up. It had been that I just had a constant runny nose (clear thankfully, but still annoying) which came about after my pregnancies with the kids. I’ve always related it to changes that can happen to the body during/after pregnancy so it was just a new part of me. But, now I think it’s time for it all to go. The colds, the runny noses, they are not normal.

Last night the hubby’s parents took the kids overnight so hubby and I went to Davanni’s for dinner after dropping them off (YAY! He got off work just as I was getting to his parent’s house to drop them off; we ditched his car there ‘til we pick the kids up later today, and went on a dinner date!). We only get to Davanni’s once or twice a year, so we just ordered our ‘regular’ pizza: Medium, Deep Dish, Pineapple and Pepperoni, with Pink Sauce. Except that they made a traditional Hawaiian pizza (Canadian Bacon and Pineapple) so my hubby let them know and they ended up making a Solo size of what we originally ordered…just for me. I will eat about any pizza topping, but Canadian Bacon is the one that I don’t really care for. I COULD have eaten it (ok, so I did take the meat off and eat once slice while I waited for the other pizza to bake) but I figured that we don’t eat out much at all, so I should at least get what I really want. Right? What would you have done?

So I then proceeded to eat the whole solo pizza, plus the piece I ate while I waited. Oops. I was so full. Now I believe I may be paying for it with the return of this full blown cold.

I had been eating pretty well, especially after my juice fast a few weeks ago. More vegetables and fruit, less red meat, dairy, sugar, and baked goodies. Except I made a peanut butter cake this week, which was too good, especially with the Hershey’s Kisses I hid in the batter (wasn’t part of the recipe). The cake was low in sugar, but I never should have made it. The cake monster got me on Friday morning-I ate several pieces. At least I didn’t frost it! Then the pizza last night.

I’ve really been listening to  my body lately, and when I eat these things – it’s not happy. I can tell that I feel different, my energy level is different (low), and this cold gets worse.

I’ve been reading up on nutrition A LOT lately and getting some plans in order for my new eating lifestyle, but I’ve decided it can’t wait. I need to just go with what I can and incorporate new options as I discover them. Change has to start TODAY. And it will. I’m done splurging because it just makes me feel so icky, for lack of a better term. I have a kitchen full of healthy options and I need to stay away from the unhealthy ones (ex: snackies-my hubby is not ready to give it all up so I don’t feel I can just toss everything…yet). I normally have such great will power, but sometimes I just crave something sweet or salty lately, so I need to make a better snack choice and grab an apple or have a small salad. (I also need to stop baking cakes...)

And, I’ll be back to juicing this week (not fasting). My mom borrowed my juicer last week to do a juice fast (which worked out pretty well for her on her weight loss mission) but it’s back on my countertop now so I’m looking forward to making some new juice recipes with it. The extra nutrients it will provide will hopefully help to kick this cold to the curb sooner than later.

You’ll have to excuse me now while I go blend up a Blueberry Cantaloupe Greek Yogurt Flax Oatmeal Chia Seed smoothie for breakfast :-)

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