Thursday, April 19, 2012

Follow Up to Breaking My Fast

After having a possible reaction to what I ate last Thursday after breaking my fast , I spent another couple days juicing, and mostly eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Then Saturday night I ate an egg. Everything was ok. Sunday morning I ate oatmeal made with milk. Everything was ok. Monday I ate something with flour/whole wheat flour. Everything was ok. So, I guess maybe it was just a coincidence that I had quite suddenly developed a cough and swollen/tight throat.

I am thankful that it doesn't seem to be any type of food allergy/sensitivity. But, I still plan to make some changes to how I have been eating, even though it does seem that I have been eating pretty decent - well...ok, except for the buffalo chicken dip incident from Sunday & Monday night...but making it was 50% my hubby's idea so it was a joint effort :-). This past week I have really been paying attention to my body and how I feel after eating certain things. I've noticed changes in my energy level, and basically how I feel overall.

I will continue to juice (although, maybe not every day) and will juice fast again, but as of now I don't have anything planned. First I want to continue reading and researching so I can decide what I want my "eating habits" to be. I do LOVE to cook/bake though, so I can't say that I will never eat anything that is not healthy for my body (unless my body decides it can't handle a certain item anymore at some point) but I will continue to  do the best I can to make sure that my family and I are eating the best we know how.

Speaking of which...time to make dinner. The kids want breakfast burritos...we have no tortillas so I found a recipe for whole wheat tortillas-my dough is ready to roll out, so we'll see how this goes!

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