Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Two Weeks From Today...

...we will be starting our new chapter in life. We are scheduled to close on our house the 20th of August. It almost doesn't seem real yet. This week I'll be packing up what little remains that we won't need in our temporary housing situation that we'll be in. Hopefully I'll be able to fit it all in the trunk so I can store it away at my parent's house when we come for a visit on Friday (thanks again Mom for letting us use your basement as a storage area!). Then, next week I can start to pack some of the things that we can do without for the week. The move shouldn't be too bad, since I already packed up most of our house back in June. When I posted about this mid-June, I wrote:

"...it's enough to live on, and my hope is that we will find we don't actually NEED all that stuff, and we will eventually figure out what we DO need, and the rest will be put in a garage sale and/or donated. I'm craving living the simple life :-)  And the best part of all this is that when our actual moving day is nearing - I can probably have us packed up in a day, two at the most! Then it's mostly a matter of getting a moving truck to load up furniture."

Well, it HAS been enough to live on. We've found that we don't actually need all that stuff, and I do plan to have a garage sale next spring. Once we are out of our temporary housing situation (more on that in an upcoming post) and into our own home, we may need to bring back a few things - so I'll  make sure I don't sell/donate everything that's stored away :-) The simple life has been WONDERFUL, although I feel it could be even more simple...which it will have to be due to limited space in our temp situation - so it'll be a great time to discover what we really "need" and what we don't. Then, when we move into our new home we will have an idea of how we want to set things up. Simply is how it'll be, and we're definitely learning.

Look for posts later this week about how I am feeling emotionally and physically, due to the upcoming move as well as my food 'adventures' if we can call it that (gluten free, etc...)  :-)

But, for now I am off to dreamland. As of a couple days ago I'm trying to go to bed earlier...last night was before eleven, tonight not quite as early...striving for 10:30pm. I'll get there one of these nights...zzz...

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