Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Today WOULD HAVE BEEN My Little Girl's First Day of Kindergarten...

Before we made the big decision to sell our house, we had enrolled our daughter in Kindergarten. In our district we have the option of the traditional school year (starting right after Labor Day), or year round school. We really liked the idea of year round school because of the scheduled 2-week breaks that occurred every 9 or so weeks, with a 6 week break during summer.

Year round school started today.

Of course things have changed since March... When we put the house on the market a few weeks ago, we were then faced with the decision of whether or not to send her. We didn't know how long it would take to sell, and knew that if we didn't send her to the year round school, she would definitely have to start school the day after Labor Day...somewhere. Due to the high interest shown in our house right away...I sent in an Open Enrollment form to the school that I would like her to attend when we move, just two days after listing the house.

The school I'd love for the kids to attend is actually where I attended as a child, except that a new building was built 10 years ago - so same name, new building. The city/neighborhood we will temporarily be living in after the move is different than where this school is located, BUT it is still the school that is in the boundary where my parent's live...where I grew up. SO, if there is space available at that school for her, then I could either drive her to school, OR she would be able to catch the bus from my parent's house. My mom does daycare, and two of my nieces and one of her other daycare kiddos will be riding the bus as well. This would be perfect as I plan to work part-time after we get settled a bit. Luckily the school and my parent's house are only about 15 minutes or so from where we will be living; not too far out of the way. If there is not space available for her to attend that school, then she would still be able to attend the school that is in the boundary for where we will be living.

The current principal at the school (I'd like the kids to attend) was actually my 6th grade teacher! My 6th grade class was the last one to be part of elementary school, the following year 6th grade became part of middle school. I talked with him a few days after mailing in the form. He was just as kind as I had remembered him some 20 years ago (WHAT?!?! Did I really just say 20 years ago? Geesh.). In my early school days I had two favorite teachers, 2nd grade and 6th grade - the one's that I will always hold memories of. Of course I have a couple from high school as well; middle school - not so much. I was lucky to have only had to attend 7th and 8th grade during middle school-hated it!

Back on track here...I briefly explained our situation with moving/schools/etc and he was going to put a note in to the person that would be coordinating the classes and whether or not they could take more students. He couldn't guarantee anything, but thought there was a pretty good chance of her being able to attend. And...yes, I did mention the fact that I used to be a student of his - hey, why not? :-)  I also asked for his advice on whether or not to send her to school here (that started today) or to hold off and see what happens. He said that academically it wouldn't hurt at all to have those extra weeks of school, but emotionally it may present challenges, especially if she were to get attached to her teacher - and then have to start at a new school with a new teacher. He advised to wait. I agreed.

So, now we wait. It will be a couple weeks, or more, before we find out if she will be able to attend my former school. If she is - that is GREAT because then our son will also be able to attend Kindergarten there the following year (unless we are able begin homeschooling...I won't get into that here, another post for another day). If she isn't able to, I do feel better knowing that the principal there knows the principal of the other school she would be able to attend 'automatically' really well, and said it is also a really great school.

Hopefully our closing date on the house will not change so that we can have a couple weeks to get adjusted before school starts. It's crazy how quickly things are happening...before we know it we'll be settled in a new home, school will have started, and all of this worrying decision making will be just a distant memory :-)

---- on a side note ----

I don't think I have mentioned here that our son receives speech services through the school district (he was in a program called Sound Pals throughout this past school year, working on speech articulation). We have an IEP (individualized education program) set up for this coming school year, which we know will transfer between school districts (we discussed possibly moving when we met w/his teacher this past spring), but we also have him enrolled in preschool here. If we weren't moving, then he'd go to preschool Tues/Thurs and his speech teacher would meet with him for a period of time each of those days. But, we are moving, so I need to un-enroll him and work on plan B. We know he will still receive services through our new district, but now we have the dilemma of figuring out preschool for him. He doesn't have to go to preschool to receive speech services, but we still think preschool would be beneficial for him, socially. I have been researching various preschool options for our new area, and tomorrow will start calling to see if there is space available. It would be nice for him to receive speech services where he goes to preschool, if it is through the district, but I have more research to do to find out if he has to receive the speech services at a particular school, based on where we live, etc etc etc.

Maybe I am getting into another post with this...I'll just leave it at: I have some more figuring out to do with what is hopefully the last piece of the puzzle, as far as figuring out school plans for our dear kiddos.

Has anyone else with children moved shortly before the school year started? Any tips/advice/etc?

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