Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Waitin' For Our Report Card: A House Update

Here is the short version of our house update...

Wednesday afternoon, July 11th, our house went on the market. The next day (Thursday) we had three showings. One offer was placed. On Friday we had one showing. Friday night we placed a counteroffer with the buyer that had placed the offer on Thursday. Saturday, thankfully, for my sanity kids sake, we didn't receive any calls for showings. Sunday we had two showings. And, received ANOTHER offer! The other buyer that looked on Sunday also wanted to place an offer, but knowing there were already two offers on the table, they chose not to. We had another showing scheduled for Monday, and a short-notice call that came in for Tuesday, but both were cancelled since we were working on offers. I don't want to disclose too much about the offers that came in, because we are still in the works of the sale - but we decided to continue working with the first offer, and we were able to reach an agreeable deal!

We signed all the papers last Monday, and the sale is contingent upon the inspection and lender appraisal! When the For Sale sign went up in the yard last Thursday, it already had the SOLD sign affixed to the bottom :-)

The inspection took place yesterday...although we haven't heard anything back yet. In  my mind it feels like waiting to receive grades on report card day! Or, more so like waiting for a grade and feedback on a project - anxious to see what changes are needed (if any!) to achieve the perfect grade.

The appraisal hasn't been scheduled yet, but we are hoping that it will take place in the next week or so.

Even though we have a SOLD sign in our yard, it still doesn't feel real to us. We haven't celebrated in a proper way, and we won't, until things are final. Once we have a closing date, and it gets near with no changes, THEN it will be time to celebrate! We are nervously awaiting that day...

We are PRAYING that everything will work out how we see it in our minds...although I know it'll all work out how it should, so it's just a matter of being patient and letting things take their course.

I have so much more to write about, but we are getting ready to take the ol' fishing boat out to the lake today with the kiddos, so it's time to wrap this up. In the near future look for more posts about our home selling experience including: our little girl starting Kindergarten soon, what it's felt like 'showing' our home, paying out to sell a house, my feelings on moving, the inspection results, etc...

Make it a great day everyone!

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  1. Excited to hear you have offers pouring in. Things will work out and you & your's will have a party day! Blessings and comfort to you. Take care Amy!