Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Zumba On My Mind

All.Day.Long I have been humming and singing Zumba songs in my head...and moving my feet. I was dancing around the kitchen tonight while making dinner and my 3 year old son smiled and asked me to stop dancing; my 4 year old daughter didn't even seem to notice me, or maybe she was ignoring me? :-). I told him "I like to dance!"

Last night was my 6th and final class of the early fall Zumba session. A couple days before it started, a friend from the college (where I used to work) had posted on her FB that she was thinking of taking the class, and looking to see if anyone was interested in going with her. I typed a response that I was interested and as I pushed the enter key, wondered "Am I crazy? Am I really going to do this?".

I had heard the word Zumba before, but I really knew NOTHING about it. I thought about Google-ing or YouTube-ing it to see what it was about, but decided not to; I figured I would find out when I got there.

The day before class started I mentioned taking the class to one of my sisters-in-law; she was interested too, so we all ended up signing up for the class the day it started.

Wow. For a girl who has NEVER had any type of dance instruction/training - I was a little intimidated at first. All of the fancy foot work, combined with the upper body movements, seemed a bit out of my ability. But I still remember on that first day the instructor (Darcy Fox) said not to worry about not knowing all the moves, JUST MOVE! (or something along those lines...can't quote it exactly.) I figured there was no sense in worrying then, because I do know how to move!

Unfortunately my friend and SIL had some things come up and weren't able to make it to all the classes, so I went solo to about half of them; but fortunately I'm ok with going solo because I got 6 full weeks of Zumba in, and I am hooked!

I'm so torn though...I had decided I wasn't going to sign up for the next 6 week session because the location is about a 45 minute drive from my home. With winter coming up I worry that traffic might be bad on any snowy days...and do I want to put that stress on myself? is so unpredictable-do I want to base my decision on it?

I really enjoyed the Zumba class. The instructor was great - she was very outgoing and upbeat and encouraged us to give it our all. It felt great to move and I felt I improved quite a bit since the first class (as far as getting more of the moves down). And it worked out great that the class was on Tuesdays. My hubby's work weekend is Sunday-Tuesday, so I can plan for it (his hours are unpredictable otherwise, so I don't plan anything for his work week unless I can bring the kids with, or have a grandma available as back-up). I've thought about looking for a class closer to home, but I'd like to take it with this instructor. Maybe she knows someone that teaches Zumba up my way that she could recommend. So, if I could find a closer class that is on Monday or Tuesday night, for a similar price, maybe I will consider it. :-)

Did I mention that my hubby initially encouraged me to sign up? I was on the line about it...nervous because it was something new, and also because every-other-week my 'later' daycare family is here on Tuesdays (they are picked up 5/530ish - class was at 630). It all worked out though. My hubby is the best. He realizes the importance of me getting out and involved in something, and encourages me to do so because I have a hard time actually doing this, most of the time. I am now understanding the importance as well, and will continue to make sure that I MAKE time for me (between working from home (daycare) and our varying schedules it sometimes gets lost in the shuffle).

If I don't end up signing up for another Zumba class, I will definitely be searching for some instructional videos (I need something to follow!). It would be nice to get a few Zumba workouts in each week anyways, so I will find a way to make that happen :-)

p.s. Ever since I was a kid I have dreamed of I have danced - and I wouldn't have it any other exercise I don't have to worry about missing steps or 'putting on a show' for anyone. I dance for me!

p.s.s. If you made it to the bottom of my ramblings...thank you! :-)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Back Into 'This' :-)

After taking an unannounced break for a few months...I am ready to get back into this! My life has changed drastically over the past few months and I am excited to make the best of each day as I live A Day In The Life Of...Me.

Stay Tuned...