About Me

My name is Amy. I live in the Midwest. In 2002 my dream came true when I traveled to Finland to "meet" my pen-pal/best friend/"sister" after 10 years of friendship through letter writing. In 2003 I met "the one". In 2004 we bought a house 'up north'. In 2005 I became a Mrs. In 2007 I became a momma to my beautiful daughter, and again in 2008 to my adorable son. In 2010 I donated 12+ inches of hair to Locks of Love, turned 30, resigned from my IT job at a tech college after exactly 11 1/2 years, became a licensed childcare provider, and was able to stay home with my kiddos. Whoa! In 2012 we decided to sell our house to move closer to family; I closed my daycare in June, we put our house on the market in July and in less than 6 weeks we had sold it, closed on it, and moved out. We are now on a stepping stone to starting the next chapters of our lives...and look forward to the wild and crazy journey...

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I am still trying to find a balance in my crazy busy life. I have always loved to write, whether it be poetry, short stories, journaling, etc. It has provided an outlet for the many emotions that no one has seen, or shared with me because I wouldn't let them. Trying not to hide my emotions has been a work in progress. I have boxes of journals and poetry and stories dating back to when I was a 'kid' that I wish I could share. Someday I will write a book.

Everyday I think about things that I want to write about, even just the little things, so hopefully I can manage to do that here.  :-)