Thursday, June 7, 2012


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I've decided to do my daily posts the following morning (vs. that night) since I'm recording in my handwritten journal how I feel upon rising.

Day 1 went pretty well, considering I wasn't prepared, and didn't eat a decent meal until dinner time. The kids and I didn't get an early start to run our errands because we were too busy playing Hi-Ho Cherry-O and reading books :-)  So, I made them lunch before we headed out. There were a few ingredients I couldn't find in our Co-op or at Cub, but the safe list of food lets me be flexible, so I will just come up with my own recipes using what I have. The kids did pretty well, considering I had to check out some new items on my list, and 'dish up' several bulk items at the Co-op. They helped pick the fresh fruit and veggies and had a great time being goofy! After we dropped off the groceries at home, we went to the "little library", which is one of the things we love to do when we can.

One new, interesting, item I bought is tapioca. I'd never cooked it before, and was a little lost. It came from the bulk bin at our Co-op, and I had no instructions so after doing a google search and not knowing exactly what type I had, I just winged it. I boiled 2 cups of water, then added 1/4 cup tapioca, simmered covered for 15 minutes, removed it from the heat and let it sit 15 more minutes. Then I added a mashed banana (per the recipe from the book). Anyone know if this sounds like the proper way to cook it? It was more of a large granular texture, vs. a bag of it that I saw at Cub, which looked like small white balls.

Anyways, here is what I ended up eating for Day 1*. All food prepared from scratch.

Breakfast: Banana Mashed w/Nutmeg
Lunch: Chopped Carrot, Chopped Celery, Banana (yikes! hadn't been to the store yet...)
Snack: Banana Tapioca
Dinner: Minestrone Soup (lima beans, parsley, carrots, celery, olive oil, water, a few twists of salt)
Shredded Carrot Salad (carrots w/dressing: dry mustard, water, olive oil, salt, parsley)
Snack: Minestrone Soup
Snack: Banana Tapioca

*I also drink 1 quart of water in the morning after getting up (at least 1/2 hour before eating breakfast) and then another quart or so throughout the day.

Since I started late in the day...I snacked a lot to make up for my morning - and I didn't want anything I made to go to waste :-)  The soup was actually pretty good, for how simple it was, and the carrot salad was good but had a bit of heat after each bite - seemed to clear my sinuses a bit. The banana tapioca was a good snack (warm or cold) even though I'm not sure if that was how it was supposed to be...

This morning I feel similar to how I did yesterday morning as far as being a bit stuffed up and having phlegmy throat (these are the "normal" for me lately). Although I don't feel as tired this morning as I did when I woke up yesterday. Thankfully my minor 'setback' is better than yesterday...I still don't want to talk about it - but let's hope that after today it completely goes away, and stays away. 

Going to think more about how I want to layout my daily posts; I don't want them all to be too lengthy like this one...

Ready to start Day 2!

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