Friday, June 8, 2012


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Day 2 started out better than day 1, since I had a better plan, but the evening got hectic and that is when I struggled. I didn't eat what I had planned for dinner because I was busy getting dinner ready for everyone else, and then it was clean-up, bedtime routine for the kids, etc...but what I did eat was still on the safe list. Although I'm pretty sure I saw a jar of natural peanut butter staring at me from in the pantry as I was wiping off the table at clean-up (note to self: GET the kitchen painted and GET those pantry doors that my hubby just stained/finished back up!). I managed to stick with things, get some 'safe' food in my belly during the day, and now I am onto day 3.

Here is what I ate on Day 2*:

Breakfast: Cream of Rice Hot Cereal w/Cinnamon; Skillet Potatoes (potatoes, olive oil, salt)
Snack: Unsweetened Coconut
Lunch: Acorn Squash baked w/Olive Oil and Cinnamon; Rice
Snack: Peach
Dinner: French Fries (potatoes, olive oil salt) This is where I was supposed to have a soup/saute of white navy beans and diced acorn squash...

*I also drink 1 quart of water in the morning after getting up (at least 1/2 hour before eating breakfast) and then another quart or more throughout the day.

I have to point out that there are more food options than what it seems. Some items I just wasn't able to find at our local Co-op or grocer. There have been meat options; day 1-lamb, day 2-veal; these are meats I have never tried, and while I was actually willing to try them in small quantities (for the sake of getting more protein during my adventure), I was unable to find them. Day 3 includes fish - so I'm looking forward to more protein today!!!

This morning I am feeling not as energetic as yesterday, but still dealing with being stuffed up a bit, and having a phlegmy throat. It actually seemed more phlegmy when I went to bed last night, than it has for a while. It's almost cleared up now though, after drinking my morning water. It seems to clear up during the day. I'm just hoping eventually it will clear up forever!

This morning I will experience Millet for the first time. Cooked, then baked with pears and honey; looking forward to it!

Ready to start Day 3!

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