Saturday, July 7, 2012

My New Direction... (and a couple blog/recipe links to check out!)

The two weeks following my discontinuance of the Allergy Discovery Challenge were...challenging. I wasn't sure what I should eat. After a couple days of keeping it simple, I slipped back into just eating what I was making for everyone else. Although I try to keep things healthy, I do have a weakness for enjoy baking muffins, and making pancakes, waffles, etc. During these two weeks I had come across a muffin recipe by Rebecca at A Dusting of Sugar that sounded AWESOME. I started making them, but ended up changing the recipe a bit (only because I had some extra ingredients to throw in) to make a new creation. Someday I will post the changed-up recipe, but in the meantime please go to Rebecca's page and make.these.muffins - you will be happy you did! They were very addicting...I won't admit how many I ate myself...

Near the end of my second week, I could definitely tell that bread products were not my friend. They seemed to be making me feel sluggish and have an unsettled tummy, of sorts. I've also still been dealing with pain in my right foot - although, I seriously think there may be some type of injury/damage causing it VS it being food related. And luckily it's not my heel a.k.a. plantar fasciitis - because I've been there-suffered that. It's in front of my heel area, and if I walk with my right heel up (so, on my toes) as if I am wearing a wedge shoe - then the pain is gone. Today it actually feels a lot better; I think it just needs some rest to heal, but I have been on my feet for at least four weeks straight so it just hasn't had a chance to rest. I told Hubby that after we get our house on the market (hopefully next week!) then I will try to take more time off my feet, since I will just be trying to maintain the house and play with the kids. Just. Meaning all the deep cleaning and to-do lists are gone, so JUST the day to day tasks. Ahh...I can't wait!

It was a week ago Friday that I started searching the web one night after my family was all in bed. That night I decided what my new direction would be...because obviously something I was eating was making me not feel top-notch - and I'm no longer one to just "live with it". If there is something I can do to help myself be more energetic, clear minded, healthy, and just overall feel happier about life - then it is worth trying! Different things work for different people, so thank you for bearing with me as I try to figure out what works for me :-) new direction is: GLUTEN FREE!

A big thank you to my Hubby for his ever-understanding
nature and support - I feel so blessed to be his wife <3

So far, it has been going pretty well. I've found that many products we already use are gluten free so I haven't been limited too much, which also means I haven't been going hungry! It helps that we don't buy many convenience/processed foods. I tend to mostly use grains, dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables, and various fresh meats (pork, beef, chicken, fish, turkey).

I am still in the learning process, but have managed to make gluten-free choices since last Saturday (June 30th)! The other day I started reading a book written by Shauna James Ahern titled: gluten-free girl: HOW I FOUND THE FOOD THAT LOVES ME BACK... & HOW YOU CAN TOO. After finding her blog, I was pleased to find that our local library carried her book! I'm just in the beginning chapters, but so far it has been a good read. You should check out the blog that she now writes with her husband: gluten-free girl and the chef. Read about their story here. They also have a cookbook, but unfortunately our library doesn't carry it. I'll track it down somehow though!

I am excited about my new direction, and praying that my body will appreciate it :-)  So far I haven't been having tummy issues, and my energy levels have been up at times - unfortunately it usually kicks in late afternoon...but I'm hoping to change that. Although, I should note that this morning, with the help of my little kiddos, I was able to get some of the upper level house cleaning done right after breakfast because we were all looking forward to a special treat that I had baked: gluten-free! I LOVE to bake. LOVE. I also love to eat what I bake. I picked up a couple gluten-free flours earlier this week, and finally got a chance to bake last night. Hubby and I sampled it last night...and maybe that's why I was so motivated to get some cleaning done this morning. Because it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I may need to bribe myself again to get the rest of my cleaning done today. The recipe wasn't written as gluten-free, but it sounded so good - I had to make it!

Look for the recipe and photo tomorrow, as well as a link to the recipe by the creator of this fabulous baked item! Gluten free or not, you will definitely want to bake it...

But, for now I'm off to cuddle with my kids and read books before they take their rest time...then maybe I better get cleaning to earn another piece of gluten-free goodness!

p.s. I can't wait to try making Rebecca's muffins with gluten free flour!!!


  1. I'm really glad you enjoyed the muffins! My sister has recently started eating gluten free and feels much better, healthwise. I have a few gluten free recipes on my blog, you should check them out! Good luck with your new food journey ^__^

    1. Thanks Rebecca! I'm two weeks in and so far things are going well (gluten free). We are in the process of selling our home...and once things settle down after this week I am HOPING to try those muffins gluten free...I also want to make your Chocolate Quinoa Cake, as well as many others! :-)